Thoughts Before The Talk: Who Is Asking You Questions?

Karl Jacobson over at Working shared a quote from Voltaire this week that we ought to judge a person by his questions rather than his answers. I think taking it a step further would be better, we ought to judge a person by the people who ask him/her questions.

Jesus and the priests go at it with a battle of questions in Matthew 21:23-32. Jesus doesn't just ask a better question, he trumps them (and us) with a story. It isn't a big one but this only proves how effective a story can be.

The priests got pownd. Obviously, we love it. In my life in the Church, preachers and congregations have always seemed to love these texts when the religious leaders take a fall. We get to laugh at someone else and secretly say, "thank goodness that wasn't us!" Really? You think so? Let me ask ya then, who do you think this applies to today? If you don't have people around you asking good, hard, questions and telling simple engaging stories, you are sliding to back of the line.

Who is asking you questions?

This weekend I am going home. The Emerald City. Pirate Country. East of Tobacco Road. Carolina is on my mind (North Carolina, that is). Greenville. On Sunday, I am preaching at my home church as well, Jarvis Memorial United Methodist Church. It has been a church which has supported me, shaped me and encouraged me. I'm nervous and excited. Not only do I have a question to pose to this church, I know there is a question coming back - maybe the very same one Jesus asked.


Ryan Townsend said...

Questions have come a lot since I entered adulthood and started making choices on my own. A lot of my choices of late have been questioned because I insist on maintaining relationships with my unchurched friends while maintaining a firm footing in the church. Its a contradiction in worlds that very seldom overlap, but I am finding that both groups thirst for an understanding of each that God has blessed me to provide. Who are your friends? Do as many thirst for God's grace as already know his Living Water?

Ken L. Hagler said...

Great thoughts Ryan! As we grow older, hopefully we grow wiser. And IF (that is a BIG IF) we grow wiser, then we'll come to understand and live in the contradictions.

Keep maintaining those friendships and look for people farther on the journey who are okay with contradictions. You might have to look even beyond your friends to find such a person. Keep asking questions! Those are good ones!

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