What Is Your Motivation? Thoughts Before The Talk

Why would anyone want to president? Every four years we do this in the USA. Underneath all the questioning, debating and mudslinging, I find myself seeking to discover the motivation as to why someone would want this responsibility.

Motivations can be noble.
Motivations can be selfish.
Motivations are shared by us all.

What is your motivation under the surface?

Abraham Maslow introduced us to the Hierarchy of Needs in the 1940's. While there is some serious debates about the upper sections, it is hard to argue about the foundation. In essence, we as human beings need 1) air, 2)water, 3)food, and 4)clothing. We must have these.

In reading Jesus' words in Matthew 6:24-32, I'm struck by the parallel to to Maslow's observation. The words of Jesus dig down deep into our lives.

I do agree with the commentators that surrounding these words are Jesus’ caution to not only respond to the needs of the poor, but to avoid the temptation of trusting in wealth. But I think there is another level, and maybe more than one. If the issues of justice do not come home to rest in the injustice we do to ourselves, we may find ourselves merely changing labels and colors. Would not it be better to be changed into Christ-likeness?

May I Ask? What has been your biggest motivator in 2011? Is your motivation different at work, at home and inside you or are they the same? How does that influence you?

May I Suggest? The practice of Lectio Divina has found a revival in recent years. This practice of the Church helps one to listen for God's message to the reader in a passage of Scripture. Use the practice of Lectio Divina and read through Matthew 6:24-32. What motivations does God reveal?

Not sure about Lectio Divina? View this video from the Upper Room Ministries:


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