Fresh Starts...recycling

This next month I'm stepping away from the lectionary and joining with United Methodist Communications for "A Fresh Start," series. Since I'm preaching every Sunday through this month at Cumming First United Methodist Church and it is time to get back to school, I couldn't turn my back on the hand of Providence.

I am really looking forward to dealing with text NOT in the lectionary plan, namely John 8:1-11. It is the story of the woman caught in adultery, a story noted in almost every Bible to not be part of the original manuscript (for a more in-depth look visit 5 Minute Bible on this).

Having been involved with prison ministry at Crossroads UMC, I couldn't help but find this a great story. God is in the business of giving second chances. He is indeed the great recycler.


stephanisat said...

"I just don't like bullies." Bullies condemn, heroes save. I love it. Thanks for an new view of this passage.

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