A Fresh Start: Are You Fitting In?

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Once, while a lion lay asleep in the forest, a little mouse came upon him unexpectedly...so that the lion woke up.
The lion grabbed the mouse and, holding him in his large claws, roared in anger. 'How dare you wake me up! Don't you know that I am King of the Beasts? Anyone who disturbs my rest deserves to my next meal!”
The terrified mouse, shaking and trembling, begged the lion to let him go. 'Please don't eat me Your Majesty! I did not mean to wake you, it was a mistake. Please let me go - and some day I will surely repay you, maybe even save your life!”
The lion looked at the tiny mouse and laughed. 'You save my life? What an absurd idea!' he said scornfully. 'But you have made me laugh, and put me into a good mood again, so I shall let you go.' And the lion opened his claws and let the mouse go free.
'Oh thank you,' squeaked the mouse, and scurried away as fast as he could.
A few days later the lion was caught in a hunter's snare. Struggle as he might, he couldn't break free and became even more entangled in the net of ropes. He let out a roar of anger that shook the forest. Every animal heard it, including the tiny mouse.
'My friend the lion is in trouble,' cried the mouse. He ran as fast as he could in the direction of the lion's roar, and soon found the lion trapped in the hunter's snare. 'Hold still,' squeaked the mouse. 'I'll have you out of there in a jiffy!' And without further delay, the mouse began nibbling through the ropes with his sharp little teeth. Very soon the lion was free. “You laughed when I said I would repay you,” said the mouse. “Now you see.”

Tell me, who was the more powerful?

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

At the start of a new school year or anything new, sometimes the hardest thing to do is fit in. We work hard to be at the top, the head of the pack. We live in a world and society that hasn’t changed, really, in 2,000 years. Don’t tell me this book is not relevant for we still jockey for position and status. And since it was an issue for the church at Corinth, should we even wonder if it isn’t an issue for potentially any church today?

In her study on power in organizations, Janet Hagberg notes how successful people “...interpret the symbols as signs of their worth (pg 46, Real Power).” Yet this is only intended to be part of our life’s journey. The church is intended to take the next steps. Jesus reminds us, “You did not choose me. I chose you and sent you out to produce fruit, the kind of fruit that will last... (John 15:16a, CEV).”

Then we hit on Paul’s words and he lays out the counter-culture of the church. We’ve got these eye balls and loud mouths like me, who seem to be essential. But we know they aren’t really. What are essentials? The heart, the lungs, the digestive organs, those often less conspicuous. Mess up a nail and see if your whole body doesn’t scream out. Let’s not forget the hangy-thingy in the back of your throat or the spleen!

Don’t think you have a place? Really? Then watch this video...

As a cancer survivor myself and as a pastor, I know that the simplest act matters. You have a place to fit.

Stephani Satterfield heads up our serving ministries all you have to do is click on the tab on the homepage of CFUMCGA.com. If you have your smart phone, you can go now to the mobile site right now. You can go to my blog at kenhagler.com and find the link to a Spiritual Gift inventory provided by the United Methodist Church - it is free.

You were made in fact to fit and it is here, in the family of God that there is a place for you. Are you fitting in? Today is the day to start - fresh!


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