Community Kindness...Road to Recovery

There is so much hype about making a difference in the world. From the President to media personalities to athletes, there is a lot of rhetoric out there. But in ever increasing ways, we seem to have less and less time for volunteering and we certainly have less and less to give financially. Or at least this is what we tell ourselves.

I learned this past week about a very simple program available to most people out there. I think it is especially relevant to small to mid-size churches (but that doesn't mean a large church can't do it either!) who may find it difficult to reach out to their communities. It is called Road To Recovery and it is a program of the American Cancer Society.

In a recent article, Linda Conyers, who is a member at Cumming First United Methodist Church, told her cancer story. She highlighted this opportunity which makes it possible for churches to make a real difference in lives without the usual overhead. As a cancer survivor myself, I'm planning to make time.

If you're up for exploring other opportunities, The United Methodist Church also offers an online Spiritual Gift Inventory. One of the things that the early church understood was how our personal spiritual growth is tied to our willingness to put others before ourselves. I'm convinced faith doesn't fit till we do.


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