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It has been rolling around over and over again in my head as of late. It is a small scene, not usually quoted or referenced. It does not illicit jokes or inspire t-shirts. Yet, it is a significant step for a novice Jedi...

For a long time now, I've been intrigued by the developmental features of the Star Wars saga's main characters. Dismiss the new one's if you want but if you combine them, there are numerous character studies and implications worth noting. Still, maybe none are as compelling as Luke's journey nor as easy to track from a developmental perspective such as Piaget, Kholberg, or Kegan. But what of spiritual development?

Surely the parallel with monks is evident in the George Lucas' Jedi Order but this can too easily be brushed off. There is more at work here (as there often is in all mythology). Still, the likes of James Fowler and more recently, Janet Hagberg, shed more direct light here.

Luke's decision to follow Yoda's advice and put away that blaster is a beginning...the beginning of reflection, the next step on his journey. It is one that will lead to failure. Watch the movies and you'll see that Luke will fail again and again leading to the climactic confrontation on the DS2.

Jesus told him, "Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to sleep." (Matthew 8:20) John the Eunuch said (speaking of the church), "This is a place for asceticism, not for worldly business." We're going to hit a wall, a person, a place, something is going to give in our lives. What took us so far, where we called home, what business we did will no longer suffice.

Our weapons will fail on the next step of the journey. To go after Jesus, the way of the cross, we must stop blasting away at ideas, people, genders, denominations and maybe even our own definition of evil.

May I Ask: What has been your weapon of choice lately?

May I Suggest: Consider people in your life that you've seen or heard of who are "masters." What is it about them which defines them?


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