Finding A New Medium For My Voice - A Pastor Says Goodbye

Sometimes people surprise you and sometimes, inadvertently, we find God in the midst. One of those days came a few years ago at a staff meeting where my good friend Brandon Reeves reintroduced us the poetry form of haiku. You'll have to friend Brandon on Facebook and ask him about his haiku of pickles, I couldn't hope to do it justice.

I remembered studying the haiku form when I was in eighth grade. I didn't remember much so I decided to research it some more as I knew there was more to it than just 5-7-5 syllables. What I found was a form of poetry that didn't need to be 'poetic' or 'sappy' or even have to rhyme. While there is certainly a wider understanding, it is intended to connect our senses and experience with the natural world around us.

As someone who finds the outdoors to be a centering place and location of reverence, I realized I had stumbled across a 'light bulb moment.' I have found an expression to emotion and my peculiar journey with Jesus that seems to make sense.

I have written many over the past few years but have shared few. There have been a couple that have been wanting to get out, and today, with some time to catch a glimpse of God, they did. Where words and emotions have failed, I sense God in the midst. To all of our Crossroads family, know that the memories of these days will always be held tight.


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