Do You Hear It? Thoughts Before The Talk

In thinking about this week's message I'm struck by the image of listening. As a dad with two pre-teens there is plenty of miscommunication that takes place in our home. Rarely does it stop there. In our world of information, too many take too little time to listen to voices around them. Sure we can point fingers at others and even at ourselves but that leaves little of the issue solved.

This word from Jesus speaks, I think, to our soul's own voice which we largely ignore. We feed it the passing snack when it growls and rumbles. We pause for a warm fuzzy moment in church, a song the sends a chill up our spine, gaze at a beautiful sunset, and giggle when our favorite fuzzy friend gives us a wet kiss on the nose. They are intended to be the seasoning on the main course - not the nourishment we need. 'We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we wailed, and you did not mourn.' Matthew 11:17

In the games played by children, there is a permission given to experience the range of emotion. Is there not lessons to be learned for the children of God?

May I Ask: What has happened most recently that caused you to pause and connect with God? What emotions did it bring out? Did you fight it or let it flow? Why?

May I Suggest: Once a week for the next four weeks go to a different place, listen to a song, look at a picture and read an article or blog on God. Take note to listen for what you hear God saying.


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