March 30 - Prayers for Lent

Lord Jesus, thank you for lifting the burdens of daily life from our tired bodies. At the cross, You took them in Your nail scarred hands and threw them to the wind. Thus, we can enjoy peace knowing that You care for us and are concerned about Your children. Amen

(On a side note, please lift a prayer of thanks for Philip Rhodes who writes these prayers.  He had a great report from his doctor regarding his red blood cell count!)


Philip Rhodes said...

Many thanks to sisters and brothers across this great country and especially at Crossroads UMC for the many hours and sore knees spent in prayers for my family and I. I like prayers and knew that there was a peaceful aura hanging around us through the new hip and the falsehood of anemia that can only come from God's people praying earnestly and frequenly to our Lord and Savior Jesus and His Father for us. Miracles have been seen this week, not from human endeavors but from nail scarred hands and a loving, forgiving Father. The congregation at Crossroads UMC is something very special to us and to Jesus. So, I continue to believe: It is all about Jesus. Amen

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