I'm Going Old School

During the last few years I've done my own thing as has been the custom of many other clergy. It has been relatively easy to do so because there are today so many resources available for sermon series directed at "felt needs" in churches.

However, as I began reflecting on sermon planning for the coming year, I felt a particular draw away from that approach. As I have grown to question the motivations of my own heart this past year, I couldn't help but consider how my heart might also be impacting how and what I preach.

This has led me to go 'old school' and return to something called the Lectionary. More specifically, the Revised Common Lectionary. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on series preaching. In fact, from my experience, the Lectionary plan lends itself ideally to series preaching just not felt need preaching.

It is kind of like the signs I've seen one church posting around:

"Church for people who don't do church."

How about we do church for people who want to meet God?

Not the god of my "felt need" but the God of the Universe, the God of mystery who meets us in bread and juice and in the hands of the poor? I realize that there are three fingers pointing back at me as I point fingers here - I don't mind - that is exactly my point.

I'm going old school because I don't trust my heart - I don't trust my mind - I don't trust my instincts. Instead, I'm trusting the mystery of the Body of Christ, the CHURCH, with its flaws and mistakes but also filled with the mystery of tradition, reason, experience but ultimately, the Bible.


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