Freak Out: Lessons from Simple Acts of Kindness

1.People are scared to connect.
Frown. Put up your hand. Keep asking how much it is. All of those were responses to our FREE Coke and a Smile Saturday.
Following from that though is the observation that people are simply scared to connect. Because I wear a name tag everyday, I find connecting to be fairly easy and straight forward. Having my name out there helps others lower their guard even if just a little. How do you enable others to connect?

2.People don't believe free.
Bait and switch. Too many "Free Car Washes" have tainted people I guess (Donations accepted!) When Crossroads says free we mean FREE! We had some money get thrown at us when we wouldn't take it even! We still gave away probably 400 Cokes, Diet Cokes and water. How did we sell FREE? Persistence and a smile. How about you?

3.Once the first in line takes a risk, others follow suit.

As soon as the first person sitting in line at the stop light would take a soda or water, it was amazing how quickly others would follow suit. Early adopters set the the trend. What trends are you setting?

4.Generosity freaks people out.
Does it ever! I've lost track of how many times I have been rejected. Being a new church start pastor imparts more opportunities than just about anything else to experience what it is like – especially from Christians. Now add to that the idea of helping people - “RETHINK CHURCH” by being generous. Scott came saying all morning - “This is so freaking people out!” What are you doing to freak people out?

MAY I ASK? When was the last time you RISKED yourself for the sake of the Kingdom? What was it like? What did you learn?

MAY I SUGGEST? Find some way to be creative and get out there and FREAK people out. My parents were here visiting and THEY got out and had a blast!


lori said...

Not sure if you noticed...I posted about our SACK event too...You're idea might go viral...allright, well not quite viral...but I hear some people are going to take the idea back to their "fearless leaders!"


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