Worth Crying About...

So tonight as my son is going to sleep, we're talking about his crossover from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, about growing up and he says something like, "You know dad, I'm growing up. I don't ever cry anymore." Now he is right, when you're in the midst of the growing up stuff, you don't - you're a guy - you don't cry ever.

You see, tonight there was something worth crying about for me as a dad (and I wasn't the only one mind you)! My son ain't a CUB anymore! We're into Boy Scouts now. The boys in our den den are going to different troops and it is likely that I really won't see most of them at all anymore. They've done so much together and all of us have gotten to watch them grow-up. But they don't realize that was something worth crying about and I am thinking, that most of us are really missing out on a lot of things worth crying about.

I think doing something at the ripe old age of 10 or 11 where you set a goal and stayed the course - that is something worth crying about. So if you'll excuse me tonight, I'm going to celebrate with a few tears, the achievements of all the boys of Scorpion Den 9 who stayed the course (you know who you are). I know you guys can't but I hope and pray one day you'll be able to.

While I do that, I'll leave you with my last official act as an Assistant Cubmaster...my last Cubmaster minute

I learned this story from a group of hunting dogs I spent some time with this last season. They were rolling around, laughing about a friend of theirs that had had some problems on a recent hunt. I asked them about it, and one old dog came over and began to tell me this story...

It seemed that during a recent hunt, one of the dogs was out with his master trailing a mountain lion. The hound came to a place where a fox had crossed the trail, and the hound decided to follow the fox instead of the lion.

A short time later, a rabbit crossed that of the fox, and again the hound changed direction. Why should he chase a fox when a rabbit might be easier to catch?

When the hunter finally caught up with his hound, the dog was barking at a small hole in the ground. The hound had brought to bay a field mouse instead of a mountain lion.

Well, how about you? Have you set out on a trail to achieve your ambition? Are you able to follow it, or are you sidetracked by easier trails that cross it from time to time?

Don't be like that hound. Find out what it takes to achieve your ambition, and then get started.
Each scout that crossed over tonight was at one time, sitting where you are. Their trail to Boy Scouts has pushed them and challenged them. Where others have quit, they saw their goal and stayed the course.

Learn from their example and not be like that hound dog. The best way to achieve anything in life is to set a true course for it, surround yourself with those who believe in you and then stick to that trail.


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