A Christmas Cubmaster Minute - Silent Night

It is our annual Christmas Cub Scout Pack meeting tonight. Knowing that there are plenty of Cubmasters (and Scoutmasters) looking for something to say. I ran across this story and thought it gave a simple point appropriate for us all...

The story begins in 1818 in a church in the little Austrian town of Oberndorf. Shortly before Christmas Eve, a mouse ate a hole in the leather bellows of the church organ, effectively silencing it. The itinerant organ mender was not due in town for months, and music was needed for the Christmas Eve service. In three and one-half hours, Franz Gruber, the organist, composed music for a poem written by Josef Mohr, a priest. It began "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht" ("Silent Night, Holy Night"). On Christmas Eve, the two men sang their composition accompanied by a guitar and children's chorus. They were a great success.

The great traditions of this season often began as small, simple acts. Franz Gruber, did his best on that Christmas Eve night and created a simple musical number that has helped millions give honor to God on Christmas Eve ever since.

When you hear Silent Night or sing it this year, remember, you don't have to be the best at every thing you just have to do every thing with your best.


**** April **** said...

Thanks for this! I'm using it tonight!

April D. - Cubmaster Pack 317, Keller, TX

Jedi Pastor Ken said...

You're welcome! Hope it went great.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I will be using this tonight at our pack meeting.

Thanks Ken!

Robb J. Cubmaster Pack 180, Gladstone, MO

P.S. My older son's Webelos patrol was the Jedi Patrol. I'm not sure all of the parents appreciated that, but the boys sure did! So many ways to tie the values of cub scouting to the values of their favorite light saber-wielding heroes!

Anonymous said...

Using it tonight Pack 15 Occoneechee Council, Raleigh, NC. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I plan to use it tonight. Thanks!
Pack 339, NW Suburban Council, Palatine, IL

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