Family Man Big Buck Contest

It is so time for Christian guys to be, well, guys! I'm not talking about being some kind of bizarre "superman" kind of thing. I'm so all over The Family Man Web's Big Buck Contest.

Okay, I admit it, this was the first thing I clicked on when I came over to check out this awesome is that for a contest! Thanks to Lori at All You Have To Give who definitely has done great work in watching out for the women out there.

It just started, the rut is in full swing now down here in Georgia and I know it is other places. Fall turkey season is cranking in other states and waterfowl season is about to open down south. Get your sons and daughters out if you can too. Now is the time - get out and make some stories!


lori said...

by the time we return from Thanksgiving there'd better be a deer...:)

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