Why Are Cleaning Buckets Important? Take a look...

Why are cleaning buckets so important? Because more than homes are needing to be healed - the lives of our neighbors need to be shown we care.

Today, I saw first hand the power of community coming together. Through UMCOR and the North Georgia Conference, 216 flood Cleaning Buckets were delivered to Westridge Church, unloaded by a variety of volunteers from Crossroads UMC and Samaritan's Purse to be distributed to families and work teams around our neighboring counties.

Later, I joined a Samaritan's Purse team that worked on the street and in the homes pictured above, right here in Paulding County. On the same street, was a UMVIM team made up of local churches. I met ladies from Marietta, a couple from New Mexico and a father and son from Pittsburg, PA. We were hidden behind masks and gloves, working in the midst of mold and mildew with homeowners trying to help them take one more step back toward a normalcy.

To all of you that have done something - thank you. To all of you that are sacrificing every day - we *heart* you!! ;) If you have yet to do something, then the this is the call. The 216 flood Cleaning Buckets were part of a shipment of 1500 that came in because someone, somewhere in the U.S.A. cared enough to make them. What happens when they are used up and none are there to take their place?

When Paulding County comes together, we can make a difference! Now is our time to love our neighbors!


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