Just What Are We Facing In Paulding and Surrounding Areas?

Today I spent my time working and communicating with some of the incredible businesses in Paulding County who are collect Cleaning Buckets. For more information on how to build a bucket, where to give online, and what businesses are partnering to help, go to www.pauldingfloodrelief.com.

After that I took time to see what we're facing here in Paulding County. I spent the afternoon at Sheri and Al's home in Hiram. Their home sits below a dam that had a hole in it about 18' tall and 30' feet wide. The flood of water left dead fish, debris and trees in it's wake. All before crashing into their home.

(Thanks Kerstin!!! You're doing an awesome job on the documentary!)

Tonight, because of community response, this family has moved out what they could and moved in with other relatives. But what then? Like most, they don't have flood insurance and are having to make do with what they have and figure out what steps to take next. As disaster survey teams arrive from various groups, assessments will be made and opportunities for hands on response will grow. Already, assessments are indicating there are growing needs in other counties nearby.

This is not the time to sit by but to be proactive! Check out www.pauldingfloodrelief.com and get involved!


Kerstin said...

Ken-thanks for all of your hard work today. We needed all of the helping hands we could get. This family has a long road ahead of them-grieving for the life that was. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. I would encourage your flock to get in and get involved. This is not the time to step back, but the time to dive in and love on this community.

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