It's Complicated - The problem of 'church' words

Do you remember Duplo bricks? Those big huge Lego bricks? I have a vague recollection of those. Today, my son is now into Lego Mindstorm: AKA: Legos on Steroids! The basic idea never changed, there are still bricks put on top of bricks it is just that now a robot brain has been added. Oh, and lots more 'little' parts.

That kind of puts things in a nutshell when it comes to how I think of 'church' words. There are some great words used in religious studies and in the faith. Some are just plain fun to say. I dare you say to the next girl or guy who gives a presentation - "Hey, that is a great pericope you've got there." See what happens (for the record it means "a set of verses that form a coherent thought or idea.") But that is just one of many, many words.

Unfortunately, many of those words only add to the confusion and awkwardness many people feel (myself included) even in church and I'm a pastor! Scott Ginsberg nails it in his blog on simplicity: "Simplicity is hard. It requires more energy, more brainpower and more courage than complexity"

It is why I like to read from Mark and James in the New Testament - they went for simple. But then that was Jesus' plan too. This week at Crossroads UMC, we're going to be talking about CHURCH WORDS and I want to invite you to help with the sermon.

Here is the ASK:
Think of some of the church words you've wondered about. What do they mean and why would we use them?

Here is the DO:

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Susan Preece said...

Here's a few:

transsubstantiation (I can't even spell it!) or just "real presence"
my favorite.....adiaphora
crucifer (and acolyte while you're at it!)
How's that to get you started? Looking forward to it!

JediPastorKen said...

That looks like a good start to me!

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