I Need To Confess.

An old Scottish proverb says that confessed faults are half mended. If so, let me get started with the first half.

I need to confess – I am not the pastor I ought to be. I am not the husband I should be or the dad I could be. I get lazy some days and I procrastinate to do some things along the way. I get angry and jealous and some days even bitter. I do not always take criticism well. Sometimes I do not say the right things and more times, I say the wrong thing. When I watch Jerry Springer or Judge Judy, I feel better about myself because I know I am not THAT bad.

I need to confess something else – I am a Sunday School drop-out. For real – I dropped out because I got sick and tired of all kinds of stuff that happens in churches. From the boring stuff, to the hypocritical nature of people and the church words – it all became too much. I quit – I gave up.

Yet today, here I am a pastor – confessing all these ways I fall short of being the pastor I should be and certainly all the ways you may think I ought to be. Would you forgive me?

I also want to confess to you that as churches, we have not lived up to all we should be and all we could be. Would you forgive us?

But then, according to the Scots, we have only gone half way. The next step, I think, is found in the words of another writer: If someone listens to God's word but doesn't do what it says, he is like a person who looks at his face in a mirror, studies his features, goes away, and immediately forgets what he looks like. (James 1:23-24 GW)

Confession is only the beginning. For new life to begin, new actions have to take the place of the old. If we are quick to judge or find fault, then we need to be patient and ask more questions. If we find ourselves trapped in habits behind closed doors (or on the computer), then confession alone will not end it – action must be taken afterwards to develop new habits.

In my family’s history is an alcoholic and he passed down to us his Alcoholics Anonymous book, one of the first editions. AA helped to save his life. If you have never read those steps, you should because it is a reminder to us all of the power of not just confession but the steps to follow.

Beginning September 6 at Crossroads UMC, I’m going to open some of those doors in my own life and in the history of the Church and offer the CONFESSIONS of a Sunday School drop-out.

But that is me. What about you? Need to confess?


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Maybe this can help.


Anonymous said...

Thought I would pass along a confession hotline. Voicemail only because sometimes just saying it makes a difference 1-(888)-850-3069

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