The Days, Weeks and Months Ahead.

This week has been a little deja vu for me. One of my fraternity brothers called up asking how he could give to help the folks here in Paulding County, GA. As we talked, he reminded me that it was 10 years ago that Hurricane Floyd devastated Eastern North Carolina and my home town of Greenville.

While the disaster here is not on the scale of the flooding of Floyd or Katrina, it is vitally important that the correct response is taken and a long haul approach is taken. The response will be measured in months not weeks when you consider some of these homes lost family memories, pets, vehicles, etc.

We all want to help but doing the right things at this time are better than just doing anything. With the regional impact of this flood being felt not just in Paulding, but also Cobb, Douglas and other metro counties - more will need to be done than we can imagine. As I understand it, there will be a conference call today taking place between a number of the disaster relief teams coming in to help. It is hard to wait.

So what can you do?

1. Make a flood Cleaning Bucket and get it to the drop off sites provided around Paulding and the surrounding communities.

2. Check out Paul Richardson's blog at West Ridge Church for where to drop donations of water and blankets.

3. Check your calendar and clear your time to be ready to volunteer when the call goes out.

4. Pray for those most effected by this disaster and the first responders, power companies, DOT, water company, etc. who have been working round the clock.

5. Consider giving financially to help through UMCOR (United Methodist Council on Relief). One of the most trusted disaster response organizations, guaranteeing that 100% of your gift will go directly to the disaster.

This is what it means to RETHINK CHURCH - it is time to put hands and feet to Jesus' words.


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