Living With the Weight of the World

There is much to learn from the animal world regarding life. We have a fifty gallon fish tank. It is peaceful to watch these creatures swim gracefully through the water with not a care in the world. Yet when I venture into the yard I often find snails. They seem to carry the weight of the world…literally.

Families receiving a special needs diagnoses, find any thought of ‘swimming’ through life disappears. Everything changes: life, dreams and the hopes of the future – a weight unlike any other. Terms unknown to most of us years ago, now are common place in our vocabulary. However, it does not mean we understand the effects on a family any better. Many of us have no idea what it must be like to walk a mile in the shoes of any of the adults or children who are trying to make their way in a world of Autism and Aspergers.

Kitty Draut felt the effects personally of such a diagnoses in her family and it led her to step out and do something to help. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of children and families gave birth to The Autism Sunshine House (TASH).

Located on Cedarcrest Road, between Cobb and Paulding, TASH provides help and hope for neighbors right here. Kitty’s vision is to provide a place to support special needs families and offer the services and therapies needed by children with Autism and Aspergers.

For special needs children and their families, the need for services, support and connections are incredible. Because of TASH, many are beginning to find help is right next door.

Maybe you can be the help next door for a child and family with special needs too. We can all be more understanding and patient with families with such needs. Maybe try to learn more and ask questions. Just being neighborly and offering a smile can make a difference during a hard day.

We would all do well to remember and live as Jesus did especially when, “…some people brought little children to Jesus to have him bless them and pray for them. But the disciples told the people not to do that. Jesus said, "Don't stop children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:13-14 GW)

Maybe there is a family who has not heard about TASH. Pass on this article and let them know there is a place where they can find a place where the sun truly shines for their child and for them!

For more information: Or call 770.974.7592.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the article about TASH, I had forgotten about you writing it until I got a phone call and I asked him how he heard about me and he said from an article he read in a little magazine. It is amazing how God takes little things and turns them into good. I want you to know that I thought the article was perfect and I am very grateful that you chose to write about TASH, now we can sit back and watch God do His work. I went for the re-zoning today and all went well, I was approved for 24 months instead of 12 so that is a blessing too. May God keep you and your family in His loving care!


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