Why Turkey Hunting Is A Lot Like Work

As a pastor, I love what I do! However, I've not always been a pastor...;)

Author Unknown

I realized this morning that turkey hunting and work are so similar as to be nearly interchangeable in my life. I get up early, trudge around in the cold and then try to make myself comfortable while I sit on my rump and listen while those around me make obnoxious noises. Sometimes I make obnoxious noises back at them, but mostly I try to blend into the landscape and not upset anyone. I try to be seen and heard as little as possible.

Most day, I knock off as early as I can and get home and do my chores before going to bed early. However, on a few occasions, I get lucky and somebody gets careless and gets too close and then I blow their heads off with my shotgun. Then I throw them in the trunk of my car, take them home, skin them and throw their carcass in the freezer. Before I do, I make sure to take lots of pictures to post on the internet for my friends…

…on second thought, nevermind.


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