Spiritual Fitness Check 001

This year, I’m committed to the Virgin Healthmiles program through the United Methodist Church health plan. I can only guess that this is because pastors tend to be one of the most over-weight profession. Using a pedometer, I’m tracking my steps and miles walked in a day. It isn’t so much I want to be healthy, overall, I’m in good health. But I’m being bribed – I want to earn $300 for simply exercising! Because of that, for the past 2 months I've up my current commitment a little more. I am pushinig beyond what I’ve been doing and have added an extra day, I’m go to bed a little earlier that I might wake up a little earlier.

But what about the other areas of my life? No one is bribing me to read more. No one is bribing me to love & serve more. Certainly, no one is bribing me to be more spiritual! Yet, I wonder, if we are whole people, once we move in one direction, does it by necessity move our entire being toward a more positive bent? For me, the spiritual and serving aspects come naturally (or more accurately-supernaturally). The physical motivation comes mainly from my past (arthritis, cancer and depression). Which leaves the mental bringing up the rear (which should inspire many snickers and snide remarks). It isn’t about an evolutionary question or self-help but a wondering about just how God has wired us?

The premise of the spiritual side of this first has me think that God’s prevenient grace goes before us. God does desire all to know him and as such, I’m convinced that the Spirit of God is always leading us toward Jesus and thus, to the Father. But how do we act on that? How do we begin to make good on those steps toward God? What activities move us toward spiritual health?

I was asked to write a monthly idea for spiritual health by a local homeowner association and thought why not go for a weekly challenge. So, I've been working on that and today I'm publishing the first week, an idea each week to help you check your spiritual fitness. Plus it is lent so maybe this will help you if you forgot to give something up! ;)


Fast. Fast from your favorite TV shows this week. Don’t even Tivo them. Use that time to read a book that you believe will help you connect with God.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken!

I like the Jedi theme...very cool. That is my favorite line from Star Wars, too. I've hasd a crush on Han Solo since I was 9!

Have a great day!


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