Scouting For Food Comes to a Close

Back home and recovering from the weekend. Thanks for all the support! Last counts as I was pulling out indicated we collected nearly 1500 items to support the food supplies at Helping Hands of Paulding!

Oh - Let's not forget a big thank you to Ed Long @ Colonial Bank who will do just about anything to support our community and kids! Thanks Ed!


yipeng said...

I used to be a Scout but Scouting in singapore is a little different.

As a boy I never even heard of "Do a Good Turn Daily"....

I was also encouraged to have faith in (any) God. The Boys' Brigade rather than Scouts are associated to Churches :(

JediPastorKen said...

Thanks for the yipeng. Some churches have come up with alternatives for scouts but in the US, Scouting is a big part of churches, especially in the UMC. I've led a number of religious courses for Scouts.

I didn't realize doing a good turn was more of a USA thing that began in the '50s I think. Where are Scouting groups connected in Singapore?

yipeng said...
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yipeng said...

Most groups are based at a single school. Other groups multi-site and self-sustaining but also school based.

My own unit closed down because there was a lack of volunteers. We were Sea Scouts... time consuming, but great fun.

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