Computer Sabbath Is Over

Sorry, it isn't like me to be off for this long except for vacation. My computer was in need of a lobotomy. Thanks to my good friend Robin at I Luv My, I'm back up and running. Robin is awesome and goes above and beyond for his clients. If you're ever in need of computer support and live in and around the north Paulding area (and even beyond), give Robin a call!

Please be patient as I try to get everything back up to speed.

Not sure when or if I'll get my sermon notes up but the podcast will be up here.

BTW, click here for the Jeff Buckley version of the song "Hallelujah" that Brandon totally nailed!

Loving Life!
Jedi Pastor Ken


lori said...

Ah yes, the baby has recovered! Hallelujah! Speaking of which, Brandon DID nail it...
sounded just like the Jeff Buckley was a privilege to be there and hear the sermon that followed...
awesome service!
Have a great one!

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