40 Reasons Why I Am Praying

This past month we did a prayer challenge at Crossroads UMC. If just one person would pray for 10 hours for the month, I'd pray for 60. H/T to Jim Hogan for asking me if I did my part. I did and he did so with everyone else who did, we had a bunch of people praying and it has truly impacted Crossroads!

What it also did was change me. About mid way through January I realized this and in my personal writings I wrote why I was praying. These are 40 Reasons Why I'm Praying. I'm not telling you how to pray or why to pray. They aren't some instructions on prayer.

I realized these are some of the most personal things I discovered about myself in the midst of this journey. It is a mixture of what I'm praying for, who I'm praying and why I'm praying. Is it a complete list? No, and it wasn't easy to write.

There isn't a pattern and I wasn't planning on 40 as some magic number. They just ended there. It isn't something polished and it I really haven't edited but a few things. Be careful about reading into it but its your mind so you're welcome to have at it. I didn't even plan to post it but it just seemed like it belonged.

2. I’M praying because I WANT PASSION for Jesus!
4. I’m Praying because I want to see Jesus make the DIFFERENCE in people’s lives the way he has done in mine!
5. I’m praying because I’m NOT who God desires me to BE.
6. I’m PRAYING because I know I’m not who I DESIRE to be!
7. I’m praying because I want the PEOPLE of CROSSROADS to CONNECT with GOD and THEIR COMMUNITY!
8. I’m Praying Because I want the PEOPLE of CROSSROADS to FOLLOW JESUS.
9. I’m PRAYING because I want EVERYONE that comes to Crossroads to BECOME DISCIPLES.
10. I want every child at Crossroads to know that JESUS LOVES THEM!
11. I'm praying because I WANT GOD TO BE ENOUGH FOR ME!
12. I’m praying because I want to be BROKEN!
13. I’m praying because I want to be USED by GOD!
14. I’m praying because I want my Neighbors to know JESUS.
15. I’m PRAYING BECAUSE I’ve not invited enough people.
16. I’m praying because I’ve not LOVED enough people!
17. I’m PRAYING because I’m not the HUSBAND I should be.
18. I’m praying because I’m NOT the DAD I need to be.
19. I’m praying because I’m certainly NOT the PASTOR I need to be.
20. I’m praying because with each and every moment and everyday of my life, I’m becoming more and more aware of how insufficient I am for the task at hand. I’m NOT all that and a bag of chips – I’m not even the bag.
21. I’m praying because I CAN’T do it!!!! But God, I’m praying because with what little pathetic faith I have, I believe YOU CAN do it.
22. I’m praying because I’m realizing you don’t figure this out – you live it out the same way everyone has for centuries.
23. I’m praying BECAUSE FAITH is HARD.
24. I’m praying because EASY CHURCH is a SHAM.
25. I’m praying because POP CHRISTIANITY is a joke.
26. I’m praying because CROSSROADS is more than either and more than what I HAVE TO OFFER.
27. I’m praying because I need to LOVE JESUS MORE.
28. I’m praying because I am a SHALLOW and PATHETIC excuse for a pastor.
29. I’m praying because there is ONE MESSIAH…I’m not HIM!
30. I’m praying because I’m not pouring out.
31. I’m praying because I’m not spending enough time with disconnected people.
32. I’m praying because I’ve not BEGUN to suffer for the CROSS.
33. I’m praying because tomorrow is coming and people are going to HELL because I’ve not done enough.
34. I’m praying because with every breath and every moment I don’t pray, I’m moving away from JESUS.
35. I’m praying because I believe my children CAN be the ones who replace Timothy. I’m praying because Logan and Jillian are the coolest kids in the world AND I want them to be used BY GOD.
36. I’m praying because I WANT my marriage to last a life time.
37. I’m praying because I’m not SELLING ANYTHING – I’m connecting people to GOD.
38. I’m praying because I SHOULD and I CAN.
39. I’m praying because I should have been praying like this a LONG time ago.
40. I'm praying because Jesus made it possible.

Could I add to this list? Well, yeah. Do I see things missing that I pray for? Well, yeah. This is my list one day, hanging with God. This is me being real for a moment in time - this is me stretching out onto Jesus Christ.

What about you? How far will you stretch?

May I Ask? Why do you pray?

May I Suggest? Make your own list. Get away from the noise, pray, and start writing.


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