25 Things About Me

1. In 1987, Jesus Christ changed my life.

2. I was born on September 4 so every seven years I get a holiday on my birthday!

3. I am married to my best friend and the most incredible woman.

4. I love being a dad.

5. I lean to left because my right testical was removed because of testicular cancer. James Francis gave me the nickname “uniball.”

6. I think it is fine to root for other college teams but you should never back away from your alma mater – “We are the Pirates of E-C-U!”

7. I am a Dallas Cowboy fan because I inherited it from my Texan family, a St. Louis Blues and Cardinals fan because I lived in St. Louis and a Hawks fan because we live in the ATL.

8. I love Skittles and Dr. Pepper: Together – “taste the rainbow and be a pepper!”

9. The Muppets ROCK!!!

10. It should be no surprise...Star Wars, my favorite movies are (h/t Melissa!). Personally, I like ROTJ over ESB.

11. I was almost lost at sea scuba diving on a night dive.

12. My first time hunting (anything), I dropped the ‘hammer’ on a turkey. Hunting is now my favorite sport.

13. I shot my first pheasant this fall with the same shotgun my grandfather hunted pheasant. That was an incredible moment.

14. I love to hike and usually do so every week (if not hunting).

15. When we moved to Paulding County, we bought our first home.

16. I have more people that I call my friends now than I think I ever have had at one time in my life.

17. I once had a backpacking tip published in Backpacker magazine.

18. I never wanted to be a pastor but I’m thankful others did – I love being a pastor!

19. I have a broadcasting degree with a theatre minor and have used both since graduation.

20. I have a Master of Divinity but have yet to master being divine. (We really need to rethink that degree title).

21. I enjoyed college sooooo much more than High School.

22. I didn’t drink coffee until I became a pastor.

23. The USA is the greatest nation but my allegiance is first and foremost to God’s Kingdom.

24. Silence does not imply complicity – “Better to be silent and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” I live in the USA and I vote. I am NEVER silent.

25. My parents are at the top of my list of my biggest heroes. Thank you for the mistakes, the sacrifices, the friendship and the love!


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