Listing Into 2009

Everybody is doing their New Year's reflecting pieces today. Okay, big deal. Me, I took Scott Ginsberg's advice from his book, How To Be That Guy, and wrote my list of 101 things to do in 2009. It has been a much better thing to do than just a list of resolutions. Even better is to send it on to your coach and accountability group to let them know how they can challenge you.

But I also received a Twitter from the Internet Monk regarding reflections on the previous year from Ponder Anew. As powerful as looking forward can be, it makes perfect sense to learn from what happened last year and I'm looking forward to making time to look back as well.

If you're wondering about my 101 list, here is a sample of some of what I've written in my list:

2. Read 4 books a month (48 during the year)
15. Go back to Kansas to hunt.
19. Write one page everyday.
30. Develop a more effective marketing plan
46. Get our house repainted
52. Build fence at Murphy-Harpst
65. Fast one day a week
67. pray intently for the people of our community
81. Read at least 4 books about being a better husband
85. List of 12 of the smartest decisions I’ve made about church planting
86. List of 12 of the dumbest decisions I’ve made about church planting
98. Stay off computer at home from 5pm-till kid’s bedtime.
100. Write cards and notes of encouragement to Logan & Jillian every week

May I Ask? What DO you want to get done in 2009?
May I Suggest? Take the time over a week or two and make you're own list.


hellomynameisscott said...

I'm writing my own bible. It's pretty cool. Big goal for 2009

Thanks for the link love, as usual, Master Jedi

Ken L. Hagler said...

Always Scott. Good to have you back again!

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