Guys, Check Your Nuts!

True Story:

John Kruk is a former professional baseball player and Testicular cancer survivor:

"Because he was still undergoing treatment and was admittedly very tired, the Phillies did not want him to play until completely recovered. Kruk, a fierce competitor complemented by one of the best public senses of humor, was outwardly critical of the Phillies position. The day before the home opener he was seen taking batting practice wearing a t-shirt that read:
[Front] If you don't let me play...
[Back] I'm going to take my ball and go home."

This is year 9 that I have been cancer free. For my story, you can click Facing Testicular Cancer.pdf (at least I think you can, my current firewall says this is "pornographic" - HA! So be warned - testicular cancer is porno!)

Isn't that ironic. Today both breast cancer (bet my firewall won't block that) and prostate cancer have become common to speak about. Yet, when I mention testicular cancer, people still stumble all over themselves.

One of my hopes has been to share my story and to get guys talking about the need to do Testicular Self Examinations monthly. Even if you're not a guy, if there is a guy in your life that you love - then I ask you pass this info to them.

Testicular cancer does kill and it doesn't care the age or race of the man. It does it silently BUT caught early (usually in a self-exam), it is one of the easiest cancers to treat.



Art said...

I can't read your testicular cancer porn either but only because of some kind of scheduled maintenence... I'll try again later.

Kruk's shirt statement is a classic though.

JediPastorKen said...

I may have to find some other way to distribute my smut I suppose.

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