Welcome To My Mess

Welcome to my mind. There seems to be a remarkable resemblance to a dorm doesn't there?

This is what church planting has done to my thought process. I once was a simple, mild mannered, Myers-Briggs "J"... but no longer. For those of you who have known me for a while, I know, you'd never believe it. Go ahead, laugh it up, I know you want too.

But part of me wonders if this is, in fact, a good thing. I have always prided myself in organization. Whether it was college, grad school or ministry, organization was part of my success and I enjoyed being incredibly organized and structured.

It isn't that I don't plan or haven't a plan; but it is something else completely. Today, I think it cleared up a bit as I read the ancient words of Thomas a Kempis, "I wish you to learn perfect renunciation of yourself in My will, without contradiction or complaint. Follow thou Me: 'I am the way, the truth and the life' (John 14:6)'"

That it is a pride issue in me I have no doubt so I'm thinking it is time to just call off the need in myself to look at organization as a trait next to godliness. It isn't. What is next to godliness? Jesus and God knows, I need to be more like Him!

Just one more reminder that if your calling is to start a church to change the world, realize, God is going to change you in the process. It isn't about you anyway. It is about Jesus and if you're in church planting, Jesus is ALL you've got.

May I Ask? What "part" of you is in a mess right now?

May I Suggest? Write out all the reasons why this is a problem. Then write out all the reasons this is a good thing. Then live the good.


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