A Season of Hope

I have hope. It is not always easy, mind you, but I do have it.

I recently was in Kansas for pheasant season. It was my first time pheasant hunting, I was carrying my grandfather’s shotgun, the one he used years before when he pheasant hunted in the Dakotas. I have learned when it is your first time hunting anything, you may have a gun and a lot of stuff but those are not what you really have. Do you know what you really have? You really have hope. Ultimately, you have nothing else.

It is not all that different than any time you try something new. You have hopes for making meaning in life everyday. Each day as a parent, you have hopes for the day for your kids. We cling everyday to some amount of hope but it is when we include the “we,” that I think we grasp the real power of hope.

You see, walking those fields of grain in Kansas, it was not just me that was hoping. There was Jim, Al, Glenn, Bill and all the rest of our group, hoping for my first success. It finally came on the third day. Together we saw hope give way to excitement.

Hope is better shared. When everyone’s little bit of hope is added together, it makes the end result all the more sweeter.

Here are my top ten reasons for having hope during this season of hope…

1. I have hope…because I see so many who are working to make our community a better place.

2. I have hope…because it seems each day, I have met men and women who refuse to give up or let circumstances change their outlook.

3. I have hope…because I have seen the faces and shaken the hands of those men and women who serve to defend our country that there might one day be peace.

4. I have hope…because many who have said they had lost hope in our nation feel there is reason to hope.

5. I have hope…because there are people who have never lost hope in our nation.

6. I have hope…because those 4 and 5 add up to a lot more people with hope!

7. I have hope…because of those who are praying and working to make Crossroads United Methodist Church, a place for hope in our community.

8. I have hope…because it is the season of Advent; a time of preparing.

9. I have hope…because Advent means it is almost Christmas.

10. I have hope…because Jesus came into the world and “…the nations will have hope because of him." (Matthew 12:21 GW)

May I Ask? What are your reasons to hope?

May I Suggest?
Start a conversation with your family, neighbors and co-workers and ask what are their reasons to hope. Who knows what all that hope may accomplish!


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