How I Cleaned Up My Mind

A couple days ago I wrote about my messy mind.

Like the old saying goes, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." I've started cleaning it up. Along the way I've found some things underneath the surface that have helped me out and got me moving in the right direction. A big time thanks to some of my friends who've kicked me into moving along too.

1. Free Mind is one of them. I've used it for sermon writing in the past but it has become my main stay this past week for getting ideas out and on paper in a mind map. It was actually my kids who are learning about mind maps at school that helped me rediscover the power of this FREE program. And to think some people dis our school system! Dorks.

2. I have been a late adopter to Twitter but then like blogging, I needed to determine the value. Tom Davis at Due West comments how time is the most valuable resource we have available. In the last few days I've found the connections on Twitter to be incredibly valuable. What is sad is all the folks who miss the value of following those who follow you - this seems to me to be where the most value is added.

3. I've also rediscovered my friend and mentor Scott Ginsberg. His blog Just Go ought to be a must read for church planters everywhere! For that matter, if you're a pastor, you ought to be reading Scott all the time. Nothing like good questions to give your heart, soul, and mind a bath in inspiration adrenaline.

4. Firefox has been my staple browser but I often forget to check on their add-ons. I need to stop doing that. It is full of great stuff and has not had the problems like Explorer has had. Sxipper and Twitterfox have been awesome! I'm looking to use ReminderFox's potential as well.

5. For security, I added Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for some extra security and it was quick to pick up some little bugs that got through other scans. It has sped up almost everything on my computer! It did reset my proxy settings but for the help, that was a little thing to repair.

May I Ask? Have you cleaned your mind lately?

May I Suggest? Get a blank sheet of paper and DeFrag your brain by just writing all the things that come to mind. Better yet, download Free Mind and start connecting the thoughts and ideas as they come.


hellomynameisscott said...

Ha! I bathe people. Sweet.

Thanks for the link love Jedi master ;)

"there is no try, only do or do not" -yoda

Rob Lester said...

Ken, I just tried FreeMind to map out a work project, and it is really cool. Now I'm thinking of other things to map...

Ken L. Hagler said...

Scott - I'm always in to throwing some love your way!

Rob - It is a blast isn't it?!

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