Guys! Last Minute Christmas Ideas Around the Crossroads

It is last minute and you've forgotten to buy the gifts you know you needed to get. Maybe an extra guest or family is showing up. Or you just want to do something extra. I just want to do my part to help you out around north Paulding and Cedarcrest. Here are my last minute suggestions:

Every girl in north Paulding wants something from The Prissy Polka Dot. You can't miss out stopping in here!


Head down Highway 41 in Acworth and visit the folks at Gamer's Trade. Take advantage of their expertise, selection and great deals!

Be sure to ad to the festivities by preparing dinner. Or better yet, stop by Crossroads Cafe @ Seven Hills and let Heather and the staff take care of that for you. They'll be open till 7pm on Christmas Eve!

MAY I ASK? How are you sharing the love in your community this Christmas?
MAY I SUGGEST? Tell someone else about a business you frequent and trust and add to someone's Merry Christmas


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