Giving More Thoughtfully

The power of networking and friends is such a cool thing! The more connected you are beyond simply your expertise, I think, the more you have to offer. H/T to Chris one of my friends at Crossroads whose a big Star Wars fan. He sent me a link to this awesome Lego Star Wars set-up.

That link led me to this blog on Gizmodo by Brian Lam on why kids dezerve crappy gadgets. The point Brian makes, is to get gifts for kids that help stretch a kids ability to learn and have fun. In other words, get kids gifts that have them using both sides of their brain.

I'm really proud of my kids this year in scaling back their lists. I hope it is because of what Heather and I model to them. They are asking for less and being more specific about their wants. It makes it easier too, when the gifts really do teach more than entertain.

H/T to Momlogic No Gift policies especially in this economic time. Respect what a person says about not wanting something. I'll admit, I've done this before and was thinking about it again until I read this article. I had not thought about the consequences that way.

If anything, I seems to me, the more connections we seek out, both in relationships AND gifts, the better off we are in helping young people make wider connections in their own worlds. Social media plays a part in that but so does our own relationships with our family and friends, the books we read and the experiences of life.

MAY I SUGGEST? To go buy that crappy gift or then again...maybe not. Whatever you do, do it thoughtfully and respectfully.


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