Crossroads UMC Takes Christmas to Youth Detention Center

Tonight Crossroads UMC and Acworth UMC are furnishing a Christmas meal to about 60 incarcerated young people at the Rome Youth Detention Center, who desperately need God’s love and guidance in their lives.

I'm just incredibly thankful for Todd and Michelle for all the work they do to direct the missions of Crossroads. It has been a long time since I went to a Y.D.C. Seminary was the last time I can recall. I am a bit nervous, but this Christmas has really reminded me how awesome it was that Jesus came to give us hope and that is what we're doing at Rome, showing a bunch of kids that Jesus is real and the reason to believe.

That is also why Crossroads started, helping people to connect to Jesus by living like Jesus. I'm just convinced that churches (and pastors) can't do it sitting in an office or focusing solely on what happens in a building, but asking the question, "what happens when we live out that 'love your neighbor' command of Jesus?"

An especially HUGE THANK YOU to Heather and the staff at Crossroads Cafe @ Seven Hills for preparing the meal! Not only is Crossroads a great place to eat, they take it a step beyond by serving a community. Make sure when you're hungry or need a cup of coffee, stop by Crossroads Cafe. Chances are good you'll see me there as it is my office away from home.


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