We've Got To Book This Group!

H/T to my good friend Billy Payne over at Due West UMC. After seeing this audition tape, I really think we've got have this group come to Crossroads!

Not! ;)


Melissa said...

I am so gullible! I kept thinking this there is a point to all this and then I died when the cotton-tops were singing -shake it, shake it. So 3 mins in and I finally get it is not dubbed but they are really singing! Funny stuff. Someone might want to check...I think that qualifies for geriatric abuse!

Alex said...

I'm typing through the tears! I don't think I've EVER seen anything so funny. Especially when they started to take off the robes!

This sunday, my choir will be performing "Baby Got Back".

Dan said...

Wow. That was an experience.

Susan Preece said...

Oh my. Please no. Brandon is NEVER allowed a vacation. Just kidding.

Billy Bob said...

I'm kinda disappointed. I was waiting for the old people to sing "Don't cha wish yo girlfriend was a freak like me". Conveniently that lyric was omitted. :(

Ken said...

Billy Bob,
That would have definitely been interesting to hear...if only. ;)

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