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You all know that I love living in the north Paulding/Acworth community! We've got access to so much great stuff so close to home. One of the things that makes it even more awesome to live here is all of the small businesses and their services to our community.

Not far from north Paulding and just down Highway 41 in Acworth, is a great business run by my friend Henry, Gamer's Trade. When I first met Henry in the store, I didn't even know we were neighbors but he treated me like he knew me. Gamer's Trade can do anything the chain stores can do but they take it a step farther: they serve the customer. I've watched the staff make recommendations for the good of the customer first and always with professionalism and polish.

They look out for their customers and they get to know your needs. With the economy as it is, buying used is a great way to save money and stretch a buck or two. Because of the service, I go to Gamer's Trade to ask questions and shop first. You'll definitely find a business who cares about their trade...and their neighborhood connections!

May I Ask? What business has given you that personal service and impressed you? What was it that set them apart?

May I Suggest? Share the Love! Tell us about it here or spread the news on your own blog. Be sure to provide the link so you can help increase traffic to their site.


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