How Do You Give?

No, I am not asking what charities you give to or what you give in offering at church. That would be asking “How much do you give?” and I think I have enough sense to know you’re not going to answer. Besides, I can save that for another blog. So then tell me...

How do you give?

How often?
What do you do?
Who is the recipient?
Why did you decide to?
What is worth your time?
What is worth your energy?

I didn’t ever really get why my parents saved the stuff I made as a kid but save it they did. When I had kids, I started realizing and appreciating the gifts Logan and Jillian made. When they make me something, it is coming out of what limited sources they have.

How you give may in fact have to do with money BUT it is not the only way to give and may not be the most effective way. To truly give, means at some level, we sacrifice. At some point, you step out and step off the cliff or better yet jump! Give, not expecting a return.

Do you think those coaches, scout leaders, mentors, Meals on Wheels drivers, and food bank helpers are getting paid? It is how they give. Even though I am a pastor, like others, I volunteer in Scouting and with our local Chamber of Commerce. Here is a deal for you: I'll share my den leader salary with anyone who'll come see what we do. So let me ask you again…

How do you give?

Is it time?
Is it muscle?
Is it wisdom?
Is it resources?
Is it imagination?
Is it encouragement?

It has been said faith is not judged by what one says about it, but by what one does about it (Check out what James had to say). Giving is an act of faith. So if you’ve got it, whatcha gonna do about it? It is all talk if you do nothing.

May I Ask? How will you give?
May I Suggest? Consider what matters most to you. Consider too, your own words...are you living them? Ask the hard questions and then act. Give.


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