Goodfellas Ask Good Questions

Each week at Crossroads we have some additional questions, readings, thoughts, and activities printed in the worship guide. What happens on Sunday mornings is never meant for just Sunday mornings! It does take some extra time but it just seems to make sense so we don't walk away thinking that was all there was to a Sunday morning.

So whether you're part of Crossroads or if you happen to stop by, feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

1. If you were in a crisis, even at one in the morning, who are the four friends you would be able to call?
2. What are the important characteristics of a friend to you?

Read Mark 2:1-12

3. If you were one of the friends of the paralytic man and saw the crowd at the door, what would have been your reaction?
4. If you were the paralytic, how would you feel about “dropping in” on Jesus?
5. What is it that impresses you about the four friends?
6. What was it that impressed Jesus? (v. 5)
7. Following the example of the paralytic’s friends (and Sunday’s sermon), who will you be a “goodfella” to this week? What will you do to show it?


Encouraging Words
Have paper and pencils on hand and work as a family, or break into teams to see how many words you can come up with from the word ENCOURAGEMENT. Here are some examples: team, tan, neat, great, game, more, etc.
Post the words you came up with and add to the list!


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