Mutiny On The Blog

Yaaarrrgggggh! This site 'as been absconded! The Pirate Pastor is now in command!

As ye make preparations for this weeks' Talk Like A Pirate Day, yer friend, the Pirate Pastor, wants yerself to be ready. On each morrow, here you'll find a new word to expand yer vocabulary. Along with that you'll find other things of a piratical nature!


Art said...

Arrrrrgh, Matey:)

John said...

There's a pirate-themed UMC church in Tampa. Or at least they were on a pirate theme for several weeks about a year ago. It was one of the fastest-growing congregations in the Conference.

Ken L. Hagler said...

That is just scary. Though I'm really looking forward to the Sunday that falls on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Thankfully, as an ECU alum, I am all but obligated to observe this day.

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