What is your plan?

I recently read the following quote:
"If you have a plan B then you don't have a plan A"
I couldn't help wondering where that has ever proven true? From my experience, if you don't have a plan B, considered a plan C, talked about plan D, dreamed of plan E, wondered about plan F, etc. then you missed the whole point of planning.

My plan A is to go to bed and go to sleep in the next 15 minutes. Plan B is to just doze off here. Plan C has me falling asleep watching Episode I. Jar Jar is such a compelling character.

May I Ask? What is your response to that quote?

May I Suggest? The next project you do, just do a plan A. Think nothing about what else may happen beyond your control. Then post what you learned here.


the Deacon said...

I'm a little confused by your response to the quote. But I love it. I think it's fantastic. When I first really let people know that my plan was to be a professional musician, everyone told me to "have a fall back plan". But I've never had a plan B. Cause I'm a musician. All my eggs are in that basket. I feel like if I had a plan B, then I wouldn't be putting everything I have in plan A. And that's the only way plan A can work is if you put everything you know into it.

Ken said...

You bring up a good point but I think it could be argued too. Let's consider, for me, I've got an overall plan A: leading a new church start. Under that however, there must be other options. At one point, I didn't know if this would be a parachute drop or a birthed church, so I had two plans in mind. Last Saturday with our equipment, we had to be ready with additional plans based on different fact.

Having more than one plan allows for conversation and creativity when things change. I'd argue that you have a plan B. You aren't making all your money on playing gigs and selling albums, right? I'm thinking you at least had a plan B about how to make it until you're able to make it go on the stage alone.

I think there is a vision (which could be called plan A), but to get there, one must consider and make other plans.

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