A Little Rant on Cokesbury...

Today, Clark Howard talked about the 45 million dollars the Federal Government wasted in mailing out a letter. It was the letter informing Clark and millions of us that we were going to receive a refund! Okay, not like we didn't know that was coming?!?!

Well, in the mail this week, I received a CD from Cokesbury, our United Methodist Publishing House. This was advertised as "New" music, multi-cultural in nature. Of course, the picture is one of a guy with big headphones on (that should have been the first clue: no one wears headphones like that anymore!) I will refrain from commenting on the quality of the recordings or the lack thereof...

Without going into detail, I'm left wondering why they couldn't have sent out a link to an online version? Put it on iTunes? Set-up a MySpace page? Did anyone bother to compare this product with other comparable products in the marketplace? As a UM church planter, our funds are limited and then I get this in the mail?

I recently read on another blog asking about the lack of marketable women authors and studies in the UMC (if anyone has that link - please let me know!) similar to Beth Moore. There was certainly a bit of disagreement but it was a valid question. The majority of the books that seemed interesting in the last catalog I got from Cokesbury, were from other publishers. I find it harder and harder to find good Wesleyan-Methodist authors and I can't imagine they don't exist because I sure can find a lot of them out here on the internet!

This wasn't a real easy blog to write. Sorry, but in the area of media and publishing, it doesn't appear Cokesbury is cutting it.

May I Ask: What are your experiences with Cokesbury's materials?
May I Suggest: Take a look at your Cokesbury catalog, what do you find?


gavin richardson said...

i am with you ken.. and there are a lot of people in cokesbury/abingdon press who are with you.

there is just a lot of old ways and old thinking there. people just don't get it.

a myspace, youtube, itunes preview/premiere are good ideas. and certainly the cost is cheaper than a cd to every one on the mailing list.

but when you think of the blogging community or younger folks embracing social networks. we get all this and work readily in that environ. there is still a need to do direct mailings.

as for the quality of the cd. can't comment on that. i didn't get one. i like cokesbury, but abingdon press does not give itself permission to take any chances it seems. and for that the stores are not thought of as a first thought for many people and our own publications are distributed second rate at best.

Ken L. Hagler said...

Glad to know that - any way to get some change happening?

Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with a direct mail piece but when you include an actual CD in it?!?! Man, for the price that would cost it better be kicking!

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