Where Is Your Path Leading?

Whoever practices discipline is on the way to life, but whoever ignores a warning strays. (Proverbs 10:17 GW)

I'm hanging up my Palm Pilot. Oh, it is staying with me as it is full of my contacts and some cool programs, but the calendar and to-do list...forget about it. I've learned my lesson in recent days I'm not reaching my goals. So I'm going back to the FranklinCovey Weekly Planner that served me so well in my years as a youth pastor. It was great to be able to pick it up at my local Target in Acworth.

It just fits me better. Not just for organizing my schedule but for giving me a place to reflect on what really does matter most. I've found my spiritual journey benefits greatly from time of reflection on my use of time. Part of that comes from some of the blogs I read on a regular basis. Here are some of the blogs which have helped me most recently.

LifeRemix All
This great pipe has helped me find other blogs which challenge my thinking in practical ways. It also has just plane fun stuff to check out too.

Dumb Little Man
This is one of the sites that LifeRemix All pointed me too. There are great tips, many of which are so simple you feel like a dumb little man after you read them.

Hello, My Name Is Blog
Scott Ginsberg's blog keeps me on my toes regarding the most practical aspects of networking and relationships.

How to Change the World
Guy Kawasaki is standard reading for start-ups. He is respected through out the world and having my recommendation doesn't mean much to him. However, his insight has helped me in many ways.

May I Ask: What warning did you get that you have benefited from the most recently?

May I Suggest: Post some of the blogs you find most helpful in supplying warnings.


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