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We all need to take some time off. Since I was on vacation last week, it seemed good to be on vacation from blogging too. We had a great time as a family up in the mountains. We got to enjoy some great skiing at Cataloochee with my kids and my folks.

Real recreation is re-creation, a chance to be made new. I have not always found that an easy thing to do but this past week I really feel like I'm a little bit new again. Part of that was not blogging or dealing with working and instead, focusing entirely on investing in my most important relationships.

I also begin reading Martin E. Marty's book, The Lord's Supper. I've never read any works from Dr. Marty but I've seen his work referenced other places. It is a very personal book and one which has in many ways, helped me to "stay on target" as I return from vacation and preparations continue for the launch of Crossroads UMC.

Early in the book, Dr. Marty addresses the issue of narcissism, the love of oneself. I think more pointedly and theologically, it is a form of idolatry, one which should be rightly addressed. Dr. Marty writes...
Narcissists can use religion, including Christianity,...They will work every conversation around to the point that they can tell you how they were "born again." Only gradually does it become clear that some of them do this to show not how great God is but how great they are for having found God." (pg 10)
My observation of "church planting culture" reflects a similar thought, one dealing with how great a church planter or leader one is rather than how great God is. And maybe it is a larger part of church in general and goodness knows, it is part of all the business leadership books which exist.

The "me" who receives the Lord's Supper is a human who in the presence of God is learning to become more human. The "me" of this experience is becoming part of a larger "we" in the act of sharing the meal. It serves to lift a person beyond mere "me-ness." (pg 10)

May I Ask: When was the last time you made time for recreation? What did you do that helped you become new again?
May I Suggest: Set aside time in the next 30 days to recreate, something that will lift you beyond "me-ness."


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