Baby On The Way!!!

Due West United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA and the North Georgia Conference announces that a new baby will be born, a new baby church that is! In September of 2008, just nine months from now, Crossroads UMC will begin worship in north Paulding County, GA. Rev. Ken Hagler, Associate at Due West UMC will be leading this new church.

Like any baby, there are a lot of needs that a family faces when a baby is born. In the excitement of the expectation, Due West UMC is hosting a BABY SHOWER on March 2nd after the 11AM services. We’d like to invite you and other groups in your church to be a part of this exciting event in the Kingdom of God.

Wondering just what a new baby church needs?

TARGET Baby Registry

You can visit online at or at your local Target store. Crossroads UMC is registered under the name “Ken Hagler.” This is an easy and convenient way to help us with some of our start-up needs.

SAM’S CLUB Gift Card

Many additional items and needs related to hospitality and Children’s and Youth ministries can be found here.

There are additional needs a new church has when they are portable and starting out. In addition to the list above, Crossroads UMC will face unique needs regarding sound, projection and transportation of equipment. Here are some of those needs and costs Crossroads has in preparing to start:

• 3 Pack & Play Cribs, $90 each
• 2 Rocking Chairs, $70 each
• 2 Wood Candle Holders, $13 each
• Soundboard, $1,600
• 4 Banquet Tables, $45 each
• 1 Coffee Urn, $60
• 1 Diaper Genie Pail, $20
• 1 Changing Table, $80
• DVD/VCR Player, $80
• Wireless Microphone, $500
• 3 Sound Monitors, $500 each
• 30 Children’s Chairs, $30 each
• 1 Projection Screen, $670
• Coffee (regular/decaf) and Tea
• $20 each for background checks
• 2 First Aid Kits, $15 each
• 6 Baskets for Communion, $8 each
• Video Projector, $3,000
• Advertising expenses
• 1 Hot Air Popcorn Popper, $40
• 4 Microphones, $100 each
• Diapers
• Hand Sanitizer
• Case of Bibles, $60
• Copy paper
• Baby wipes

We are so thankful for the support we have received from Acworth UMC and from friends at Gainesville FUMC (GA), Jarvis Memorial UMC (NC), and Starkville FUMC (MS). Beyond the areas of Mission and Evangelism, there may be Sunday School classes, Bible Studies or groups in your church who might also want to be involved.

You are invited to come to the BABY SHOWER @ Due West UMC on March 2nd. Please RSVP by February 25th so we might be prepared for you. You may contact either Ken Hagler or Deb Ingham at 770.427.3835 or by e-mail at We invite you to learn more about Crossroads UMC at


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