Water, water sure ain't in Georgia!

One Tennessee town has run out of water. When will it come to pass that we all take more seriously the situation approaching Atlanta?

My kids have been asking if we're going to have to move from Atlanta. Interestingly, that exact point was brought up today at our Paulding Chamber Power Lunch. What happens when FEMA is called in to assist? What will happen to metro Atlanta when people do start moving because of the quality of life issue? What happens to the Southeast?

What needs to happen is what communities can do better than any government, come together and work together. My friend, Ron Papaleoni, heads up the Lake Allatoona Preservation Authority and together with the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, they're trying to get the word out about Watersmart. This is an effort to help everyone be proactive in this crisis.

Every bit helps when we begin to consider we're talking about losing drinking water! Four simple things all of us can get into the habit of doing include...

1. Never use your toilet as a wastebasket!

2. Take shorter showers and save as much as three to seven gallons of water.

3. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth and save four to 10 gallons.

4. Use your dishwasher and washing machine for full loads only!

May I Ask: Can you think of one change you can make in your water usage? If you've already done one, can you come up with another?

May I Suggest: Take a moment to pick one thing you aren't doing but can do. If you have an idea about saving water, share it here!


gavin richardson said...

wow, thanks for the article link ken. orme is a small town just on the alabama border that i would work in, and send lots of youth as well, when i did short term missions camps in that area. some wonderful people there in the little town nestled into the side of the mountain.

i already do a couple of things to salvage water, keeping a pitcher to catch water 'warming up' for later use comes to mind. check out www.coolpeoplecare.org

Ken L. Hagler said...

You're welcome and thanks for adding a personal connection to the story. I led teams to Paisley, FL a few times and it really was hard for us when they got hit right after Katrina.

Thanks for the idea and link too! Hopefully, the changes in water release from the Corp yesterday will help. Mostly, we need rain and lots of it!

Dan said...


You're way ahead of me (time-wise) on this one. I already have folks in my congregation asking, "Should we start storing up water? I hear that we should have a two week supply!" I hope that people of faith can reclaim their call to be stewards of the creation. Your suggestions are great places to start!


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