Hiking and Wholeness for the Holidays

It all started again today...the routine, the school schedule, the racing around, and the holiday rush. So I'm thankful for the pictures and memories we made this past week when our family hiked up Waterknob Rock.

Mark Mozer writes in Better than Disneyland:
Too many parents get too focused on everyday kid problems such as homework and chores, so that their kids become problems more than people. I'd much rather take on parenting struggles that are chosen and challenging, coaxing the kids out to the edge of their courage and stamina, struggles that define them as gritty little persons, rather than problems. Establish a kid's personhood, and everyday problems should pass by in stride.

That is perspective. I think I might be ready for the season. I'm sure more renewed in helping my children get ready for life.

May I Ask: How are you investing in your family and kids?
May I Suggest: Make some time and make it happen!


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