The Spiraling, Spiritual, Web Adventure

You know it and I know it. You have to have a web page. You want to have a good web page. It has to have content and style.

After spending a good part of this last week researching, budgeting, and designing, a new home page is now up for Nexus United Methodist Church.

Someone recently told me this story,
"The Father and the Son were having a conversation before the Incarnation. Jesus turned to the Father and said, "Dad, you can send me to Earth anytime but it has to be before they invent power point, sound systems, cell phones and the internet!"

Oh what a tangled web we've weaved...

May I Ask: How have you benefited from "web presence"? Would you say it has been worth the time?

May I Suggest: Visit websites from a variety of businesses, churches, and non-profits. What elements consistently appear in the best sites? Do they appear in yours?


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