Moving from Mission Statement to Missional Meaning

Do we ever buy lemonade from our neighbor kids because we expect it to be great lemonade? We buy it because we know them, we love them and we remember what it was like to do it ourselves.

Are you selling commodity or community?

Does your message have to do with something or substance?

In The Art of Creating a Community, Guy Kawasaki identifies 8 elements needed for the creation of a community. Much of this has been gleaned from his experience as "Chief Evangelist" for Apple Computers and the implications are definitely related to the ongoing discussion in the Church. After the recent slip-up by Apple (Steve Jobs’s Non-Apology), Guy's advice should be that much more relevant to Apple.

Apple and others have worked hard on selling not just a product, but a people, a community to belong to. More than this, it has been a people with a purpose, a people making meaning. Of course, everybody can lose sight of this from time to time.

In the authentic faith journey of a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, there comes times when sight is lost regarding the missional nature to which we've been called as well. It isn't that we need a pastor or speaker to remind us of this for it was Jesus who said,
"Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you." (John 20:21 NASB)

I like the way Kim Hammond @ John Mark Ministries puts it:
The missional church believes in "the priesthood of all believers" (1 Peter. 2: 9) and empowers people to fulfill their God given call. It's about empowering all people wherever they are.

The missional church says the schoolteacher working in the state system is the hero. The check out girl at Safeway, putting herself through TAFE part time, is the clergy. They are the pastors of the missional church. The congregations are small and unknown. They do not have a building or a business card but they are the emerging church.

The nature of the church is missional, we don't have to find one, create one or borrow one. We shouldn't be in need of a pastor or CEO to keep it up. The Father sent the Son and the Son sent the Spirit to lead the Church in its mission to be a sent people into the world.

Isn't it interesting, that as the Church has turned to the business world for the tools to manage and sell, the business world has turned to the Church for the example on how to connect and expand.

May I Ask: How do you answer the question: What is it you are "selling?"

May I Suggest: Examine your "commodity." How might it become a "community?"


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