Around the Crossroads @ Vito's Cafe

I'm just finishing up my first lunch at Vito's Cafe here in Acworth/North Paulding. As our community grows, it is exciting to see new businesses open up especially ones that fix a mean roast beef sub (warmed a little, a dab of mayo and just a little onion for flavor).

This little Italian Cafe is actually quite spacious, warm and welcoming. After doing lunch today, I'm looking forward to coming back for breakfast and their coffee. Beyond great food, they offer a comfortable sitting area to kick back and free internet access (which I'm using right now!). On top of that I got my first sandwich card.

It isn't always the big things it is the little things. Vito's comes across as caring for the little things which adds up to one big thing: a great meal in a great environment. I sense a place which is trying to create community and it is off to a good start.

This Saturday, September 8th @ Mossy Creek Plaza, there is a Grand Opening Celebration for Vito's and all the businesses here. It starts @ 11am and goes to 3pm. It is located @ 10175 Dallas Acworth Hwy., just north of the Crossroads.

May I Ask: How often do you pass on great service?

May I Suggest: The next time you receive service you appreciate, pass it on!


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