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Ok, I went out spying today. Not on anyone but on another church. It is a very large church nearby. I've been wanting to check it out for sometime and finally got the opportunity today. With well over 2,000 in worship, it is a dynamic church. They are very involved in local service and mission as well as planting churches.

Things Done Real Well:

1. Beautiful grounds.

2. Large and tastefully done signage.

3. Greeters at the door.

4. Children's ministry at the main entrance. No hunting for the Children's wing, it finds you! If you looked online ahead of time (I did), their policies were there for you too (great idea).

5. Comfortable seating (nice comfy chairs - happy day!)

6. Music, very well done. Not surprising, the church has a reputation for good music.

Things I Made Notes To Consider...

1. Motorcycle parking. Not that I could tell it was "official parking," but the bikers found a spot. It would be cool to make it more prominent in the signage.

2. Drums. Tom told me, now I know. All drummers prefer an acoustic set, but you can mix an electric.

3. Greeters. A greeter holding open each door is welcoming, three is a crowd.

4. Who was preaching? Three different pastors did parts of the sermon, but I had no idea who each was. Creativity is great, lets get outside the box, just let me know who I am following.

5. Site lines. Ok, I'm short so I guess it is my problem, but it was hard to see the stage when everyone was standing.

6. Font size. I've got to go back to something Guy Kawasaki recommended: Take the oldest person in the room and divide their age by two. That should be your font size.


Now I'm not a good judge on whether I'd go there as I'm a United Methodist pastor and this was not a UMC. People are hearing the Gospel and making faith decisions. The church is teaching faith working for justice. I am truly thankful to see a church making such an impact on their community and beyond.

It was good to get out of my usual environment. I was inspired with some new ideas which really didn't even have to do with what this church was doing. They just came. My prayer is for them to continue to do the Kingdom work God has put before them.

May we not just hear these words from Luke's Gospel...
John answered and said, "Master, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name; and we tried to prevent him because he does not follow along with us." But Jesus said to him, "Do not hinder him; for he who is not against you is for you." (Luke 9:49-50 NASB)
...but let us go beyond and pray for the churches in our communities which teach an authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

May I Ask: What places, activities, or events inspire you? What was the last idea you received while there?
May I Suggest: Get out and get inspired. Then make plans to follow through. Write it into reality.


the deacon said...

I wanna know what church it was.

John said...

Take the oldest person in the room and divide their age by two. That should be your font size.

47-pt font? I can't manage that on a bulletin and still convey all of the necessary information.

Ken L. Hagler said...

Sorry, I should have clarified that was for powerpoint/video not bulletins!;)

kinn2him said...

47-pt font on a bulletin... that makes me smile... and wonder...
but i digress... about drums... with a properly built drum "box" (be sure to include a fan or two), and a drum mic set, you can get the best of both worlds... the lesser expensive electronic drums can worn out pretty quickly with an aggressive drummer... and new drum heads are a LOT cheaper than new a new drum pad... and better action, too!

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